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The 5 benefits of the carapa oil soap from ADEBA NATURE.

A magic trick for blemishes!

ADEBA NATURE Carapa Oil Soap is a powerful treatment soap that will get rid of (almost) all your skin imperfections.

How does it do that?

Thanks to the wonderful properties of the carapa oil it contains, this soap is :

  • Exfoliating: It gently removes dead skin cells and cleanses the skin thoroughly.

  • Anti-inflammatory: It helps to soothe skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis (both on the skin and on the scalp) as well as irritations.

  • Antiseptic : Thanks to saturated fatty acids, it limits the development of bacteria that cause pimples and acne

  • Regenerating : It invigorates the skin and gives life to the most damaged skins

  • Repairing: It allows the skin to repair itself quickly after having treated its imperfections.

You understood it, this soap is excellent!

Magical, isn't it?

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