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Queen Adjoba ! Simple to use and remarkably effective :-)

We all need this oil ! Find out why !

Today we are going to talk about oil! At ADEBA NATURE we love oils for both skin and hair, because they are a real barrier against external aggressions. But let's get back to the point!

Let's talk today about our Adjoba oil ...

Composed of only two ingredients of Ivorian origin, Adjoba oil is the perfect remedy for all skin types. A wonderful combination of different oils and components, it is pure and perfect !

A practical guide to the must-have oil and its simplest use! We quoted "Adjoba Oil!"

I get it for:

  • My melasma (pregnancy mask) : I keep my complexion fresh and glowing before, during and after my delivery.

  • My Melasma (ochronosis): My skin is deeply repaired and I regain all my beauty!

  • Fight against skin aging: My fine lines are reduced, my skin is soft, supple and plump.

  • Nourish my skin: I find a skin full of life and healthy

How best to use it? In the evening, massage it into the face in a circular motion until it penetrates! 1 pchitttt is enough ;-) .

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