Made from scratch with traditionally processed and locally sourced shea butter, Adeba Nature’s Shea Butter Soap is so gentle and skin-friendly it can be used on a newborn.


Adeba Nature promises only pure, natural ingredients in every product and this soap is no exception. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, the Shea Butter Soap cleans and smooths while penetrating skin with calming nutrients and Vitamins A and E. Enjoy immediate hydration while also steadily improving your skin health overtime. Double-win!


Gift yourself the most naturally luxurious experience with the Adeba Nature Shea Butter Soap and unlock a purifying experience unlike any other!

Shea butter soap - Maximum hydration for sensitive skins

    • Shea butter
    • Plant-derived oils
    • Local plants
  • 150g/5.3oz

Adeba Nature

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Cote d'Ivoire: + 225 87 18 39 56

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