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  • Treat yourself daily with Adeba Nature’s Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, the easiest way to maintain beautiful, natural hair that’s soft, manageable, and fierce!


    The secret to this intense moisturizer comes from combining two critical steps: conditioning and oil sealing. Using time-tested ancient techniques to ripen the conditioner’s organic ingredients, including natural shea butter and locally-sourced palm kernel oil, our leave-in conditioner is derived from nature’s purest form. Best when used on wet or damp hair, the 2-in-1 conditioner locks in moisture effectively and effortlessly.


    Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and chemicals, enjoy a product that celebrates black women and their natural beauty.

    Moisturizing leave-in conditioner for natural hair

      • 50% shea butter (its earthy smell reveal that truth to you)
      • Palm kernel oil
      • Local plants extract
    • 150 g/ 5.30z

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