Adeba Nature

US: + 1 908 312 3322

Ivory Coast: + 225 22 52 23 76

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Adeba Nature represents a tradition of trust between Mother Earth and her daughters. We believe in taking the best of nature’s gifts and combining them to deliver beauty solutions that are safe, effective and simple.


All of Adeba Nature’s products are crafted from organic, locally sourced ingredients such as shea butter, carapa, and palm oil. The secret behind our superior ingredients comes from a patient harvest that involves listening to nature and allowing the fruits of the earth to reach full potential.


By using the highest quality sources we are able to deliver a superior product that goes above and beyond while only using 5 or less all-natural ingredients.


Our promise to you are products free of parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, chemicals, and fragrances - no exceptions. An Adeba Nature product means a gentle, pure experience every time.