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Toxic products are everywhere

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

One of the main reasons we started Adeba Nature is because we wanted to ensure a steady supply of safe, natural hair and skin products to... ourselves. When reading results of studies like the one below, we are comforted in our choices and oh so happy of our decision!

Products marketed to Black women are often toxic

What can members do?

In their 2019 survey, the Silent Spring Institute found that 100% of the products marketed to Black women that they tested contained ingredients deemed harmful to health. Although they included relaxers and other chemicals in their study, some of the OILS that they tested also included harmful ingredients.

Here at Adeba Nature, we've made a promise to ourselves and to you to ONLY use natural ingredients, so our oils are just what their name says, oils and do not contain any other ingredients. Happy safe shopping!

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